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Both certificates are based on the CE directives and regulations of the EU. The directives apply in national law, so the directives are applicable in both the EU and UK until 31 December 2021. Up to this point, at least in the UK, both certificates are valid in parallel and there are no differences in content. From 01 January 2022, the legal requirements for CE and UKCA may differ.

The components of the conformity assessment are to be applied equally in both legal areas.

  • directive research
  • standards research
  • Risk assessment
  • operating instruction
  • declaration of conformity

Legally secure products in manufacturing, sales and purchasing

  • We research the relevant directives and standards.
  • We determine the requirements from directives and standards.
  • We already assess the risks of your products in the development phase.
  • We create your technical documentation.
  • We create your operating instructions.
  • We assess the conversions of your existing machines.
  • We support in purchasing your machines.
  • We support in the preparation of CE - relevant contract content.
  • We support in the selection of software solutions.
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