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Authorised representative
The role of the "Authorised Representative" in the product directives has not only existed since Brexit. However, the authorised representative has a new meaning for companies exporting to the EU or the UK since Brexit and starting the EU Regulation 2019/1020 "Market Surveillance and Conformity of Products“. Manufacturers of products must fulfill the tasks of the importer on site in the EU or UK. This can be fulfilled by the local authorised representative.

It should be noted that the tasks of the importer in the case of product conformity are different from those of the customs importer.

Our services - your advantages:
  • Ensure that the machine complies with the relevant essential health and safety requirements.
  • Ensure that the technical documentation is available
  • Providing the operating instructions
  • The performance of the corresponding conformity assessment procedure.
  • The affixing of the CE marking / UKCA marking

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