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The link between law and technology.
Standards and directives increasingly determine the success of products.
CE conformity has become a quality standard.
The juristech experts from engineering, law and technical writing combine your technical know-how with standards and laws.
Legal certainty for your product helps you to be successful.
Andreas Lewandowski
Together we develop successful products.
juristech creates the connection between technology and legislation.
No innovation or development without legal certainty.
No research or riskanalysis without technical Know-How.

CE / UKCA certifications
We support you in the CE and UKCA certification of your products, from the research of directives to the declaration of conformity, or just in individual steps of the conformity process.
Technical documentation
We create your technical documentation so that you fulfill the legal obligations with your products.
Authorised representative
We represent you as an authorised representative in the fulfillment of your duties as a manufacturer, both within the EU and in the UK.
Standards service
We offer you the possibility of always being able to work with the current regulations and help you to exchange your "bad conscience" for a "good conscience" with regard to standards and guidelines.
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Tel: +33 (0) 970 407 955
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