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Standards service
Do you also know the "guilty conscience" when you think of your list of standards and guidelines?

Are my standards up to date?
Do I document the current status in my records?

We help you to have a "good conscience".

With our standards service, we keep you up to date every month and inform you about all changes. Meet your quality assurance and documentation requirements simply and cost-effectively.
Take advantage of our experience and research capabilities. Our standards service team monitors your list of standards and keeps it up to date.
Our services - your advantages:
  • We research the relevant standards for your products
  • We monitor the up-to-dateness of your standards package
  • We work out the effects of changes in standards on your product
  • We are cost-efficient and relieve the burden on your employees
juristech Lewandowski EI | 4 rue de la Clairière | FR-67930 Beinheim
Tel: +33 (0) 970 407 955
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