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CE / UKCA certification
juristech accompanies you in the conformity process and prepares the legally required documents:
starting with the research of directives, research of standards, risk assessment and operating instructions up to the declaration of conformity.
Create legally compliant products with our support and fulfill the requirements of CE and UKCA.


Our services - your advantages:
  • The entire conformity process from a single source
  • or support with individual conformity steps
  • Work effectively and focus on the essentials
  • Experience in the interpretation of standards and guidelines
  • Assistance in the identification and assessment of risks.
  • Support in the creation of security concepts and strategies for measures
juristech Lewandowski EI | 4 rue de la Clairière | FR-67930 Beinheim
Tel: +33 (0) 970 407 955
E-mail: andreas.lewandowski@juristech.eu
Website: www.juristech.eu
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